October 21 2009 - Photo Jottings

October 21 2009


I’ve updated the “coming soon” list to include the newest lens arrivals for reviewing.  The list probably won’t be done in the exact order you see, but hopefully it’ll be close.  I’m not planning on doing a “normal” review of the Sony 16mm F/2.8 fish-eye, most people are not going to examine the pictures from this lens with technical scrutiny, it’s more of a “fun” type lens.   I’ll use the A900 only, and post some shots and information I think are useful.

Attention any PDF experts out there; what’s the cheapest software (legal) that I can buy to manipulate PDFs sent by other readers.  I usually need to rotate and change file sizes etc.  I have MS Office Word 2007 so I can convert stuff I have, but I can’t change anything sent from others.  I know there’s cheap software to convert PDFs back to other types of files, like JPEG etc, but I’m looking for legit Adobe software if possible, costing less than $100.  Anybody have any ideas?
Several readers have asked about how the older Minolta and Sony prime lenses compare to the new Carl Zeiss Sony zoom lenses, like the 16-35mm, and 24-70mm when used at the same focal length and aperture.  Although I’m not really up to reviewing every possible combination, I’d like to post a few quick comparison shots (sharpness crops, light fall-off, distortion, etc) a couple of times a week, just for fun.  Maybe start off with the Minolta AF 24mm F/2.8, Sony 28mm F/2.8, Sony 35mm F/1.4, and Sony 50mm F/1.4.  I’m wondering myself how things will look.
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