October 17 2007 - Photo Jottings

October 17 2007


Olympus introduces their “flagship” DSLR, called the E-3.  I can’t help but think it’s a year or so too
late in the coming.  With Sony gearing up to introduce a full frame, probably next spring, Olympus and Pentax will be suddenly at the bottom–at least in the so-called “professional grade” race.  But let’s not be too critical just yet, It might turn out to be a good camera, especially with the new lens announcements—expensive, like the Zuiko ED SWD 12-60mm $999 (24-120mm equiv) F/2.8-4.0, the 50-200mm $1199 (100-400mm equiv) F/2.8-3.5, and finally the 14-35mm $2299 (28-70mm equiv) F/2.0. Below are some specs for the new Olympus addition.

  • Olympus E-3
  • 10.1mp 4/3 MOS live view sensor
  • Sensor shift image stabilization, with a hefty claim of a 5 stop advantage.
  • 2.5″ 230,000 LCD, with swing-out action. Weather sealed body.
  • Another claim of “worlds quickest auto focus” with fancy dual 11-point biaxial cross-type AF system, (I was hoping for a triaxial or quadaxial system myself).
  • Optical viewfinder with 100% FOV.
  • Shoots at 5fps up to 16 RAW or unlimited JPEG.
  • Dual memory card slots, xD of course and CF type I-II.
  • 610 shots per charge with live view off.
  • ISO 100-3200
  • Anti-shock mode 1-30 sec.  ??????
  • No AF illuminator, must use flash.
  • Ships in November for $1699 body only.

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