November 16 2009 - Photo Jottings

November 16 2009


I’ve finally completed the little macro lens review after a delay because of cloudy weather here is Tucson.  The Sony DT 30mm F/2.8 macro lens is very light, relatively small, and turned in a very good performance for its intended purpose—macro imaging, though the 3/4″ (19mm) working distance for 1:1 reproduction is too short for me.  It appears to be slightly sharper (at close focus) with less color fringing than the Sony 50mm F/2.8 macro.

I did a quick comparison of the 30mm macro and the Sony 28mm F/2.8, and found the 30mm macro to be slightly sharper overall, (even considering the different lengths) but only if you pay attention and focus accordingly.  The Sony 28mm was easier to get good shots at infinity, as the infinity hard stop was right on for all distances past a stone’s throw, not so with the 30mm, see the review for more information.
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