May 20 2013 - Photo Jottings

May 20 2013


Updates etc.

I’ve fallen behind trying to update my product links that go to ‘discontinued items’ on my recommended stuff, and that’s fixed now hopefully, let me know if there’s a link to an outdated product.

I forgot to mention a few months ago B&H Photo started carrying RadioPoppers triggers.  I’ve been using them for several years and have never had a problem, I currently have 9 receivers and 2 transmitters for controlling off-camera flash.  Funny, but when they came out with the JRX basic models I called the corporate office to see if they worked in dumb mode with Sony cameras and they said no.  I ordered them anyways because it seems so odd that they wouldn’t work.  As it turned out, they worked great, and I’ve been using them ever since.  I guess they thought Sony’s flash system didn’t pulse at each shutter activation like most camera manufacturers.  Hint to RadioPoppers, test your products with all camera manufacturers, I’m sure it’ll help with sales!  At the time, Pocket Wizards were really expensive and troublesome, so I thought I’d go with RadioPoppers.  Now the price is about the same between the two for their basic versions.  Look for the new inexpensive ‘nano‘ versions of RadioPoppes soon.  Go here at the top of the page for more links. 

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