May 10 2013 - Photo Jottings

May 10 2013


Trey Ratcliff about to dump Nikon for Sony NEX-7.

Trey Ratcliff has a huge travel photo site, and a huge social media following as well.  In a recent post, “The China experiment; dumping Nikon for Sony” he’s decided to put the Nikon D800 on the shelf, and use the Sony NEX-7 as the workhorse for a trip to China. Trey lists several reasons for the change, including what appears to be substandard Nikon service and repair, plus the size and weight of full frame bodies and lenses.  I did a post here using the NEX-7 and lightweight telephoto lenses at a golf outing, which led to another post here, that was picked up by sonyalpharumors, and generated a bunch of hateful comments that actually validated my post IMHO. Full frame is unnecessary for good pictures.  People that enjoy spending hours each day looking at thier high ISO images at 100% on a computer screen might get some enjoyment with a newer FF camera.  Folks wanting to just have fun taking pictures should look carefully at a small camera system like NEX or micro four thirds.

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