March 25 2011 - Photo Jottings

March 25 2011


I thought I’d mention a few new items that Sony camera owners might be interested in.  The Sony CLM-V55 ($399) is an add-on 5″ WVGA 800×480 screen using an HDMI port, and mounts to the camera hot-shoe, or if you are using a flash, you can mount the screen off camera, with an “L” bracket hot-shoe set up.  It takes the Standard Sony DSLR battery (NP-FM500H), or a couple of different video batteries. This screen is not just for video, it can be used for live view still shots if you need a fully adjustable screen for easier viewing when setting up a shot, or would like a better screen than the one on the camera.  I’ve noticed the newer hi-res tilt/swivel screens on Sony cameras are not as good as the ones used on the A700-A900, they don’t have the same dynamic range or color, and I’m guessing the CLM-V55 is much better, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve never seen or used one.  Hopefully, I can review one soon.

Also new is the JTEC cold shoe mount ($59.95) for the NEX-5 camera, use it to mount accessories like the thing above.  Too bad there isn’t a connection for firing a flash, just a dumb mode center connector would be great.

This Sandisk SDHC extreme pro 16gb card would be a good choice for the newer Sony cameras with video, and it’s priced right at $69. 

New arrivals at B&H Photo
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