June 9 2011 - Photo Jottings

June 9 2011


Sony prefers Canon for lifestyle shots…..and Phase one for product shots. When I’m looking at new product images in the Sony press center media gallery I always download the full size image if available.

It seems most product shots are taken with a Phase one camera based on the EXIF data.  In the lifestyle shot below, (and two others), I noticed it has full frame Canon camera info in the EXIF data.  Yes, I know Sony is just hiring a photographer to shoot the images, but their standard operating procedures should include making sure to “wipe” the embedded data clean, and crop and resize the images just to throw people off, and avoid embarrassment.  On the other hand, Sony probably figures “normal” people will never bother checking that kind of stuff out, and posting it on a website!  I guess I’m weird.

New product announcements include a slightly updated NEX-3 (now called NEX-C3), and A33
(now called A35).  Don’t feel bad if you recently bought one of these original cameras, the updated versions aren’t really offering much in the way of image improvements.

There is a new NEX flash, called the HVL-F20S ($150), available in October, with a GN20, enough to bounce, but I wonder if the camera is smart enough to increase the power when it’s being used to bounce?  This flash is very similar to the Sony alpha flash with almost the same name.

A new Macro lens will be available too, in October ($250).  This time we get a 30mm F/3.5 internal focusing design, but only offers a working range of about an inch, that’s awfully close.  I wonder how many people wrote Sony and demanded a 30mm E mount macro lens?  Sony must’ve had a really small focus group.  

Nobody notices the Sony NEX C3, taken with Canon full frame camera.
New Sony NEX flash and 30mm F/3.5 Macro lens
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