June 6 2011 - Photo Jottings

June 6 2011


Wireless shutter review page.

If you own a Sony DSLR or SLT camera, your choice of wireless shutter controllers is limited.  In fact, as of this review, there is only one Sony wireless shutter release, the RMT-DSLR1, which has a bunch of buttons, but only two are used for the Camera shutter, one operates the shutter instantly, the other starts the two second timer, there are no other options, the rest of the buttons are for TV viewing.

Wireless shutter controllers are handy if you want to take telephoto, long-exposure tripod type pictures without touching the camera and causing blur, or more importantly, if you want to take pictures without having to be close to your camera, such as photographing birds or animals that scare easily, from the comfort of your easy chair.  Automated controls allows you to take pictures without actually being there.  Additionally, you can program the number of total shots, time between shots, and the amount of shots of each shutter release, plus more options, Read more here.

As expected, the factory rated unobstructed range for both controllers is total BS, but that doesn’t
detract much from their usefulness.

I’ve reviewed two shutter controllers so far, the simple but effective Vivitar model, and the full featured Pearstone ShutterBoss, which is great for automated shutter control. 

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