June 30 2011 - Photo Jottings

June 30 2011


Used items you may, or may not be interested in.

I trolled the used dept of B&H photo today, and found a few items some people may be interested in.  The used Sony hotshoe adapter ($65) keeps very rare but possible voltage spikes from wrecking your camera.  Non-Sony flashes and radio triggers may introduce slightly more voltage via the hotshoe than your camera can take, but it would be very rare.  I bought one for mounting the Radiopoppers™ transmitter on my camera, “just in case.”  I also paid full price ($93) so if you’re
in the market for something like this, check it out.

Also available is an excellent used copy of the CZ 24mm F/2, $1149.  An older version of the Sigma 400mm F/5.6 is for sale, it’s listed as having an AF Maxxum mount, I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but it’s pretty cheap, $139.

The used Sony HVL-F58AM top-line flash is $399, that’s $100 off the list price, and almost the same price as the new less powerful HVL-F43AM.

In other news, the first flash review will probably be posted tomorrow.

Used items of interest
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