June 23 2007 - Photo Jottings

June 23 2007


Hewlett Packard floods market with nine new cameras aimed at people who like convenience, and don’t care too much for good-quality photos.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but HP has never been much for high image quality.  It took a lot to muster up enough enthusiasm to post this article.  But, lo! All is not lost!  Among the nine lackluster cameras, HP brings forth the R937, which has a unique 3.6″ touch screen LCD.  Also, it has the built in “slimming feature” which comes in very handy in the USA.  Somewhere I’ve read it shaves 10lbs off ones behind, a good start but more is needed–much more!!!:)  Don’t forget the “blemish remover” or “touch up” feature.  This is a good in-camera tool for removing those unsightly cigarette burns from shirts and trousers before printing your pictures out.  There’s another bright spot too.  The Photosmart E337 5MP camera is priced at $79.99, which would be a good item to keep stowed on the dashboard of the car.  Oddly, HP hasn’t released much information on the new cameras, in the mean time,  we’ll wait with bated breath!

Here’s some quick specs for the HP 937

    * 8MP
* Microsoft windows Vista™ compatible tagging.
* Virtual keyboard.
* 32MB internal memory.
* Lithium-ion battery.
* Out in August ’07.
* $299 street price.
* No lens info but 3x optical zoom, 8x digital.
* Black or silver bodies?
* Lot’s of secrets still for this camera.


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