June 17 2013 - Photo Jottings

June 17 2013


New review items. 

Check out the goodies that showed up at the office on Friday.  First up for review will be the Sigma 60/2.8 for NEX; then the highly rated full frame Sigma 35/1.4, BTW, that’ll be the first FF review since the Sigma 85/1.4 from Dec. 2011!  The Sony RX1 will stay in the box until I get time to do some comps and a full review.  My intention is to see how good the camera and lens combo is, especially
when compared to the A900 and Sigma 35/1.4 lens.  Right now it’s not clear whether or not I’ll have the time for a proper review; if not, the RX1 will get sent back unopened and I’ll move on to other reviews like the new Zeiss Touit lenses, 12/2.8 and 32/1.8.
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