June 17 2009 - Photo Jottings

June 17 2009


If you want to add a little pizazz to your photography, or are getting bored visiting photo chat rooms and forums for three hours a day instead of going out and taking pictures, try out the 50+ year old, wildly popular Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.  These cameras sell on eBay for around $5-$10, and are once again becoming popular for baby boomers, and younger people alike.  With this camera you don’t have to worry about aperture settings, shutter speeds and focusing.  You simply observe, compose, and shoot!

As usual, I went overboard with this review, and now have to separate it using at least two pages.   This first page is an introduction, with specs and product shots, accessories available, film issues and getting ready to shoot.  The next page will cover sample photos, operational tips, a tear-down, cleaning and re-assembly, plus the entire owners manual.  I’m not sure if I’ll need another page or not.  This review is very thorough, and I would guess it to be the most complete to be found anywhere on the web, at least when I’m done!  Check out the first page by clicking the image below.  Page two is coming up in a few days.
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