July 27 2008 - Photo Jottings

July 27 2008


The quick look Minolta AF teleconverter II APO page is up now.  I just give the basics on the two teleconverters, not the full scale review like the sony TCs.  If you’re a Sony user and are thinking about an SSM lens, don’t buy the Minolta teleconverters unless they are compatible, like the 8 pin (D) series which was the last of the Minolta AF teleconverters.  The II APO won’t auto focus on any
Sony lenses.
I also added some information that I forgot to put in the Sony TCs review, like multi-coating (predominately amber in color, the same as the Minoltas from 1988) and focusing speed and accuracy (basically the same with or without TC) with the TCs in place etc.
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