July 18 2007 - Photo Jottings

July 18 2007


One of the joys of living in Arizona is watching the occasional above-ground atomic bomb test from east of the Rincon mountains desert sight.  I captured this scene from the comfort of my living room so no need to worry about the pesky heat and wind.  As you may have guessed, I’ve doctored this photo up pretty heavily in ACDsee 9, my favorite file browser and quick-fixer.  This picture actually shows a typical “monsoon season” thunderstorm session.  I thought is looked a bit ominous, especially done up in red-orange, hence the over-enthusiastic initial description. The foreground silhouette is the ridge-line of houses (used in many of my telephoto shots) running north-south about 300 yards away.  The thunderstorm was probably 20 miles away.
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