January 7 2008 - Photo Jottings

January 7 2008


Hey, I’ve finished my three week nap, now I’m ready to doing something constructive, like post a brand new camera, see below! Actually, I really haven’t been busy lately—read lazy.  I did manage to get a few things done.  Sharp-eyed visitors will notice I posted a hiking review, with yet another one in the works, and added a few things to the “coming soon” page.  I’m going to do a regular review of the Sony α 700 starting next week.  I know I said I might not be getting one but, times change.  I guess I’m all pumped up over the new year.  But seriously, I highly doubt I’ll be reviewing the Sony A 200 below.  It appears as though Sony has pulled a Nikon and will go with a totally entry level DSLR with the A 200.  It isn’t much different than the A 100, though It looks like it lacks a DOF button.  From pictures it looks like it may take the new battery grip, but I’m not sure yet on that one Yes.  There may be questions regarding Kelvin WB settings, so stay tuned.  Also, it’s very close to the Konica Minolta 5D with the dedicated ISO button and “fn” button. I never did like the function dial on my A 100.  Let’s hope with the new AF system it’ll be more accurate with focusing.
Funny, but I haven’t seen one single picture of the bottom of the camera yet…secret!!!  No more secret, just a regular bottom.

Sony α 200 home.

  • Sony α 200
  • 10.2mp CCD sensor.
  • 2.7″ LCD with 230,000 pixels.
  • JPEG 3fps unlimited.
  • ISO 100-3200.
  • No AF illuminator.
  • Image stabilization in-body.
  • No more function dial.
  • Retains eye-start autofocus.
  • CF I &II slot, no Memory stick adapter.
  • Sony claims it’s smaller and lighter than A 100, but the specs read the same as the A 100.
  • No wireless remote, only wired like A 100.
  • New battery, Info Lithium.
  • New dedicated ISO button.
  • Optional vertical battery grip, $249.
  • Flash (auto) pop-up button, so no tedious pulling.
  • No depth of field preview button?
  • Maybe no Kelvin WB settings, not sure though.
  • Priced at $699 with kit lens, or $899 for two lens kit.
  • Available (US) in February or March ’08.

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