January 24 2013 - Photo Jottings

January 24 2013


New Sony lenses, and in-stock items.

Sony introduces another pancake lens, this time it’s a 20mm F/2.8, painted black.  This new design uses six elements (6/6) instead of five (5/5) on the 16mm pancake, so the image quality should be better.  All the other specs like size and weight are about the same; the big difference is the focal length, with the new lens covering 30mm in 135 film format, the old 16mm covers 24mm equiv.  Another new/old Sony lens is the 18-200mm power zoom for video cameras, although it will work on NEX e-mount still cameras.  Sony says the 20mm F/2.8 will be available in February, and the 18-200mm PZ in April, although B&H Photo is listing the dates backwards.

The Olympus 17mm F/1.8 lens is back in stock, hopefully I’ll be checking this lens out soon.  If it’s as good as the 45/1.8, it’ll be a great walk around lens.

The two lens Sigma deal for Sony and MFT is still going on, but the stock is very limited.

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