January 24 2010 - Photo Jottings

January 24 2010


I forgot to mention in the last entry I moved the Camera reviews to the lens reviews page, and will no longer offer the separate page on the nav bar for camera reviews.  The last camera review I did was a fifty year old kodak Brownie Hawkeye!!  Cameras come and go all too quickly, and are usually a waste of money (believe me, I know) for taking better pictures, so only fun camera reviews from now on, like the one I’m going to start this week!

Also, I’ve had to split up the lens comparison page to try and put a stop to the ridiculously long page from getting even longer.  Now I have all the comparisons with the Sony CZ 16-35mm on a single page, and all the miscellaneous lens comps on a single page.  I’m going to start the Sony CZ 24-70mm comps soon, but I have nothing to offer right now.

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