January 2 2011 - Photo Jottings

January 2 2011


Well, the holiday season is over, that means another year has gone by!!  I hope everyone had a fun and prosperous year, and look forward to a bit more prosperity this year, right!  For me, last year was busy, both here at the site, and my photo business, but I have much more planned for this year on both fronts, more below.   

Although I will continue to review new lenses for the Sony α and e (NEX) systems, I also plan on posting some articles that will help the beginner with interior-architectural-Real estate imaging;
the importance of using off-camera flash, Radio Poppers compatibility with Sony/Minolta flash units, and post processing essentials.  I’ll also try and persuade people from relying on the standard HDR technique (which in most cases I don’t like), especially when it comes to balancing dark interiors against super bright windows.  It doesn’t take any more time to set up some strobes and take one shot than it does to take five shots then spend half an hour in PP to make it look like it isn’t HDR.

The site stats for kurtmunger.com were up significantly this year, with an average of 59,000 visitors, and 139,000 page views per month.  I guess not too bad for a personal website, and by that I mean it’s just me here, typing away in my spare time, offering my thoughts and opinions about Sony and whatever.  Additionally, my bandwidth is about 245GB per month, that seems high to me, especially since I have almost no full size images to view.  Is that number high?  Anyone know what the average bandwidth is for a site like this? Since I now have a cheap Zenfolio account, I’ll be able to link to some full size image samples and comparisons from that site without it blowing my own website BW.

Other stuff;

I’ve moved the October and November home page entries to the home page archives.

The B&H Photo affiliate sales have been very good for the wonderful Sony DT 35mm F/1.8, thanks to all the people that purchased their lenses or other items through my B&H links, that helps me pay the bills!

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