January 18 2010 - Photo Jottings

January 18 2010


I get quite a bit of mail from people thanking me for helping them come to a lens buying decision, and it’s usually one that saved them money!   I always say you don’t need an expensive lens to make great pictures.  I’d like to thank the many contributers to the site, whether they made a monetary donation or helped in other ways, like the scanned manual below. If you’re wondering about how you can help, read on!

I’ve added a new page to the Nav bar. It’s called the “help me and the community” page.  If you have one or more of the lenses listed, and would like to help the Sony/Minolta community, contact me and let’s see if we can set up a review!  There are other options for helping also, the obvious is a small donation, but you can also donate the amount needed to rent a listed lens for a week or ten days (if stocked for rental) and become a “sponsor” of that particular review.
Here’s another way to help out; can anyone out there take the time to convert a MS word file to a PDF? Done!  A thoughtful reader, John (from the Netherlands I think) sent me a scanned copy of the owner’s manual for the Minolta AF 300 F/2.8 APO , 200mm F/2.8 APO, and
600mm F/4 APO lenses in English and German.  I’d like the pages to be upright, top to bottom, easily readable, and under 3mb if possible.  Contact me if you can help.  I’m too darn busy right now and don’t have the software to convert the file, so I guess I couldn’t do it if I wanted to.
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