January 16 2013 - Photo Jottings

January 16 2013


Cool new toy, but not in my stable yet.

I could probably see myself with one of these, not because I can justify it for business use, (couldn’t use it anyways thanks to the new FAA ruling), it just looks like a blast!  Since I have no RC skills, it might be the best thing for those cool fly-over shots like this one, or this one taken with poor lighting. It’s supposed to fly with absolutely no user input after the launch, going to a preset point for approximately 2.5 minutes, then returning to land at the starting point.  I’m assuming it has some sort or radar to avoid trees and houses, but maybe not, the literature is not clear on that. The marketing department is claiming you just hand launch it, wait five minutes, and then check out the video and pictures.
This toy is not cheap, coming in just south of $1300 without the GoPro camera.
Launch it. wait five minutes. enjoy your aerial images!
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