January 16 2008 - Photo Jottings

January 16 2008


All you megapixel maniacs out there might want to stare at the two sets of images below and tell me which ones are 10.2mp, and which ones are 12.2mp.  I took both images in the top set with the same lens, and both images in the bottom set with the same lens, but different from the top.  I performed
no image editing other than an upsample of the A 100 images to match the A 700s size.  Both are full (+) crops from the center of the image.  I left the metadata intact for those of you who can’t wait!  I’ll let you know in a few days which ones are which.

The Sony A 700 has a great magnifying feature on the beautiful 3″ LCD, especially for checking focus.  You push the AF/MF button with your right thumb in playback mode, then zoom-in using the rear wheel. Once you get the appropriate magnification, use the front wheel for viewing your other shots at the same magnification, in the same area, very handy.  You just have to remember
to frame your shots the same so you don’t have to do any scrolling.  This is a great feature, which more than makes up for the slow scroll rate.

Another nice touch: if you’ve been using manual focus, and turn the camera off, it’ll come on in auto focus—that’s good, as I’ve actually ruined more than a few shots (on my A 100) by forgetting to reset the switch to AF.

Sony A 700 running review.

Sony A 100 10.2mp
Sony A 700 12.2mp
Konica Minolta 5D 6.1mp
Sony A 700 12.2mp
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