January 15 2011 - Photo Jottings

January 15 2011


Thanks to a reader named Anthony for pointing out the proper sequence needed to use the HVL-F42AM with the radiopopper™ system.  He also says the Sony HVL-F58AM will work with just an adapter with a sync plug, although I can’t confirm that as I don’t have one.  I do have an HVL-F42AM, and his instructions proved correct, and are as follows; turn camera on, mount flash, turn flash on, then dismount the flash and install the radiopopper transmitter and adapter, then the corded adapter to the flash unit.  You’ll also need to turn off the flash auto standby mode, otherwise when it powers down, you’ll have to repeat the initial set-up all over again.  Learn how to turn off auto standby here, and click on the “operating instructions” link (then page 95-96 in English).  It’s pretty simple and only requires you to press and hold the HSS button for over 3 seconds, then select 35mm on the zoom button, and press the HSS button again.  Does anyone know how to fix this “quirk” on the HVL-F42AM so it acts the same as the HVL-F56AM?

Also, some folks want to know where I got the corded adapter with the 1/4-20 socket.  This adapter cable has a hotshoe specifically designed for the newer Sony ⁄ Minolta proprietary hotshoe, and costs $28.50.  It’s a little expensive, but it’s built well, and so far has functioned perfectly. The company that sells it, FlashZebra, also has a bunch of neat cords and accessories.  I’m not affiliated in any way with them, but make sure you tell them I sent you if you order something, and maybe they’ll throw me a bone at some point, ya think?

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