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Interior scene comparison of wide angle lenses

I brought along a trio of wide angle lenses for an interior shoot, and while taking a quick break, I thought I’d see how they all compared to each other.  The subject lenses are:

Sony 10-18mm for aps-c sensors

Rokinon 24mm F/1.4 full frame

Zeiss 25mm F/2 full frame.

All images were taken in RAW, with minor lighting adjustments to make them all look the same.  Our test subject image is below, no link on picture, but click buttons.

Sony 10-18mm F/4 Rokinon 24mm F/4 Zeiss 25mm F/2 Sony 10-18mm upsized

Click button to see full size image.

All three lenses show very good detail, even along the sides, although as expected the Sony APS-C 10-18mm  lags a bit behind in resolution, and gets a crop of 4800 pixels as opposed to full frame images coming in at 7360 pixels long.

The Rokinon has the only real color fringing along the sides, see the magenta tinges in high contrast areas like the windows.  The Zeiss 25mm F/2 has more contrast in all areas of the image, but it does appear the Rokinon is sharper through the central area, see the pillow detail on the bed and chairs.  I also notice the Zeiss is widest of the bunch even though it’s focal length is a hair longer than the Rokinon. The Sony is a zoom, and was set to 16mm; it matches the capture area quite closely to the Rokinon.

The last image is the same Sony 10-18mm that has been upsized to match the full frame lenses. It’s really not very far off in quality and resolution from the two primes; a good job for the mid priced zoom.

For Real Estate Photography, I’d definitely get the Sony 10-18mm, it’s much more useful as a zoom, and the quality is very high at all focal lengths.

For commercial interiors, I’d get the Zeiss 25mm if you can afford it, and can live within that focal length.  I use the Sony 16-35mm F/4 and love it, you just can’t beat a good zoom for getting the tightest image that you want without having to crop, and that of course keeps the resolution high for displaying at large sized in either print form or online.

That’s it for this comp, just thought I’d post this for people wanting to know what to get, (and expect) if you’re thinking of doing some Real Estate work or other stuff requiring a wide angle lens.


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