February 8 2010 - Photo Jottings

February 8 2010


I finally have the 35mm comp done.  This time you can check out the differences between the CZ Sony 16-35mm @35mm, and the uber expensive Sony 35mm F/1.4.  Surprisingly, the CZ holds up very well when comparing the centers, even wide open at F/2.8.  The corners are a different story, and the Sony 35mm is sharper at F/2.8-4, which is just the opposite of what I was expecting.  Light fall-off is somewhat strong on the CZ at 35mm when looking at the 100% corner crops, the Sony 35mm has none.  Go here for the review page.

I’m now going to conclude the comparisons using the Sony CZ 16-35mm F/2.8.  I think I’ve covered all the relevant lenses.  I’m very happy with the overall performance of the 16-35mm.  The primes are a little better in the corners, both in sharpness and light fall-off, but really only visible viewed at huge sizes.  The Sony CZ 16-35mm retails for about $1900.  If you bought the Sony 20mm F/2.8, Minolta 24mm F/2.8, Minolta 28mm F/2 (better than Sony 28mm F/2.8) and the Sony 35mm F/1.4, you would still expect to pay about $2700 new, and at least $2000 used. Factor in the convenience, and the 16mm focal length you can’t get currently in a prime, (fish-eye excluded), and the Sony CZ 16-35mm is a bargain.

Next, I’ll start some comps with the Sony CZ 24-70mm F/2.8, and use the Minolta 24mm F/2.8,
Sony 28mm F/2.8, Sony 35mm F/1.4, and the Sony 50mm F/1.4 and see what we get!

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