February 7 2011 - Photo Jottings

February 7 2011


Since I’m now deep into the Sony CZ 24mm F/2 SSM review, (which BTW, may be an excellent interior/architectural lens, and while we’re on the subject), I thought I’d show you a shot I took on my first real estate job a few years ago.  The home was listed for just south of $500k, and the interior was full of wall length mirrors, —that folks— is a nightmare of epic proportions for a first job, not to mention the results when you start popping flashes with mirrors everywhere!!  I didn’t have a clue about how to get out of this mess (well, actually I did as it turns out), but I held my head high and acted like I knew what I was doing.  Thankfully the Realtor didn’t catch on, or follow me from room to room, and I finally regained my composure by the end of the shoot. More on this story with the final image I presented to the Realtor coming soon.

I chose the photo below as a plug for the pole aerial photography article I’m writing up now.  I thought this photo was more dramatic due to the height attained by the use of the pole, rather than the eye-level shot I also took, which I’ll share with you in the article. Although this image shows a lot of roof, the valley below and mountain range are now visible, highlighting the views from the back of the house.  This was not achievable at eye-level at this position.  The camera height is around 15′ (4.6m) from the ground, taken with a 24mm (equiv) lens with polarizer, and using the long corded remote to fire the shutter. 

Attention; I’ve starting a blog, and it’s basically a twin of this site, but will allow you to post comments, which I can’t do with this site because it’s based on 1990s technology.  The new blog is called Sonycameragear.com.  You’ll find the same
homepage stuff listed at both places, although I’m not sure if I’ll add more to the blogger site or not, so please bookmark both.  This new site is just up and running, so I’d appreciate it if you would go ahead and try out the links and comments etc and we’ll see how it works.  I disabled the comments for older entries because, well, they’re old, and who cares about yesterday’s news right?  Actually,
I was
playing around practising adding new posts, so the newest 2/7/11 entry is the one we’ll start off with.  Also, the “add comments here” link (below) goes to the blog, then you can comment if you likeToo many complaints already.  Problems with signing up and membership issues.  I then allowed anonymous users to post, but on second thought, I’m going to hold off for now.

Front photo from my first real estate job
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