February 21 2013 - Photo Jottings

February 21 2013


Sony announces new products.  Sony has a few new products to show off, and  new versions of older products.

Sony says the optical design has been carried over, however, version II includes ‘nano AR’ coatings, Minolta white color instead of Sony Silver™ and faster AF.  Note; people using cameras without AF micro adjustments may as well get the first version, as lesser quality focusing systems can’t handle the extreme presion needed at 400mm.  Perfect focusing is a real chore at that focal length, and the AF systems I’ve used (A900-A77) aren’t good enough for an acceptable hit rate.  Faster AF would be great if it’s accurate, if not, you’ll get blurry pictures.  I’d get the current version on sale if you don’t need fast focusing, and you’ll probably get a much better deal since the new versions are always more money.

50mm F/1.4 CZ Planar.  Hope the price isn’t too high as the rumors suggest (north of a grand!).  The optical design is an 8/5 (2 asph) with SSM focusing; plus dust and moisture resistant.

18-55mm kit lens.  Sony says version II has ‘redesigned’ rear elements for better flare and ghosting control—alrighty.  Also look for ‘improved mechanical elements’ for more positive and comfortable handling.

RM-VPR1 wired remote commander.  Start and stop your video, and zoom.  Can also be used for shutter lock in bulb mode.  It looks like it comes with two connectors, one for the new multi-terminal, and one for the standard wired remote plug.

A58. Comes with new 20.1MP sensor, low resolution screen and other minor tweaks.

NEX-3N.  Made for new 16-50mm PZ, has zoom switch at top.  looks like it will be sold with the 16-50mm PZ lens only.  New low resolution screen.

No prices yet, but release dates are in April.

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