February 21 2008 - Photo Jottings

February 21 2008


Now that the latest Shuttle mission is over, I can get back to work.  I follow the missions pretty closely on NASA TV via their website.  If you’re wondering about what kind of camera equipment they have on board the ISS, the picture below will give you a good idea.  It’s been resized for quick viewing, if you want the original, go here.  I’ve pointed out the lenses and camera bodies, which appear to be all Nikon.  I’ve never seen any other brand for still photography, though they have at least two Sony video cams I think, and a HD cam somewhere, as they’re shooting HD on the ISS, check out the pretty good “life in orbit” video. The image reveals six camera bodies and of course
the one that captured this photo, plus two very expensive super telephoto lenses.  One looks to be a Nikon 600mm F/4, the other a Nikon 400mm F/2.8 with a 2.0 TC attached, and an unknown focal length telephoto lens in the upper right side on the wall by all the other lenses.  I believe they also have at least two more cameras for EVAs, white-wrapped for use outside, but it could be they use a normal one and use the wrap for the EVA.  This image was taken in the Russian Zvezda service module, where they also eat dinner; see dining table on the left side middle, under the Frenchmen
with the denim looking shirt.

159kb file, so click me for larger version.
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