February 15 2011 - Photo Jottings

February 15 2011


Just a few updates for you; the Sony A900 body-only is out of stock nearly everywhere, (no surprise to me though), but the just-as-good A850 is in stock, plus save $200 on the Sony 28-75mm F/2.8.  When I post the 24mm comps, you’ll understand why I push these full framers if you’re the type of person that demands the very best image quality.  Also; if you buy any camera over $300, get $100 off the full version of lightroom 3.  I did just that a year or two ago when I got version 2.7, it works great for processing your RAW files, and jacking your colors without turning it into a mess like simple saturation boosting does.

In other news; Sonyalpharumors is reporting a Carl Zeiss 24mm F/1.7 is in the works for the NEX system, that would be great if it’s true.  I mentioned the 24mm comp review above, which should be ready mid-week sometime, so stay tuned, you’ll be surprised!

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