February 13 2009 - Photo Jottings

February 13 2009


Ready, and right on schedule is the highly anticipated review of the highly regarded Sony 135mm F/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens.  If you like shooting wide open with a fast lens, this is one of very few Sony lenses that will satisfy even the most obnoxious pixel peeper.

I’m going to revamp my upcoming lens review list.  Some are going to be moved up, some are going to be moved way back.  I’m getting a lot of mail that indicates people want more after-market lens review, which is understandable with the economy the way it is.  I’ll elaborate more in a couple of days. For now, click the link above, or the picture below for the review of the superb Sony 135mm F/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar. 

Click for review.
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