December 5 2011 - Photo Jottings

December 5 2011


New radio flash triggers for Sony, but…

The new Phottix flash triggers pictured below are making the rounds on just about every photo equipment review site, usually saying that Sony users finally have an option for wireless flash triggers.  Unfortunately, the readers, (and apparently the reviewers too), aren’t aware that you don’t
need to use Sony flashes at all.  You could use Canon or Nikon, in most cases, the camera doesn’t even know the flash is going off with these simple types of triggers.  All cameras with a hotshoe, (Sony type or standard) can automatically send a pulse at shutter press through the hotshoe post, to the transmitter; and that signal is carried through to the flash receivers, which then fires the flash unit.

So if you have a Sony camera you can use just about any type of modern flash unit with nearly any type of radio trigger system, although you will have to get a hotshoe adapter to fit the standard type transmitter to the Sony proprietary hotshoe on the camera.  The new Phottix strato II for Sony simply eliminates the need for the adapter, and allows you to use your Sony flashes without adapters.
Radio flash triggers with Sony hotshoe
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