December 22 2010 - Photo Jottings

December 22 2010


I’ll be taking a break for the next few days, so nothing new will get posted until I get back. I hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend!!

Here’s what I have planned for the end of December, and January;

….A focusing accuracy comparison between the A580 (maybe), A700-A900, and the accuracy of the AF micro adjustment feature on the A900 with the new firmware update.

….Flash use for interior shooting with Radio poppers, and what Sony/Minolta flashes will work properly.

….Real Estate photography hints and pointers. If you want to get paid for practicing photography, this is a good way to go.

….Finally, many people want to know what I use, or “what’s in your camera bag” etc.  Well, the image below shows mostly what’s in my working bag, but I’ll go into more detail in the next couple of weeks.  I obviously use a lot of flashes, but some things get used more than others. What I use may not be suitable for others, so I’m showing you this just for fun, and because people ask. 

Stuff in my bag
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