December 15 2010 - Photo Jottings

December 15 2010


Apparently, has the same general opinion of the Sony “translucent” mirror cameras as I do, Which is “not yet ready for the big time, but maybe the next generation.”  Rockwell has a few likes, and quite a few dislikes about the new cameras, and only mentions noticeable color fringing in passing, and that he’d prefer a good DSLR instead.  He also goes on a tangent about the word “translucent,” claiming Sony marketing people are morons and that if it were translucent, you would get a blank picture.   That’s not my understanding of the word, but then again, I’m not against “colorful
language” on occasion.

Well, I think I’ve covered about as much as I’d like on the problems with the Sony A33/55.  I’d rather use a good DSLR, that’s just me, some people will enjoy the convenience of the new cameras over some color fringing.  Time will tell about what is causing the issue, and what the fix is.

I have a new primary email form for everyone to use, which should be used if you want your question to potentially be posted on the Reader’s digest page, or have a general question.  I’m going to use the old address at the bottom of the page for people that do not want to have their thoughts on the Reader’s digest page, or have some personal info they may not want to share.  So use the white form for most stuff, and the old address for privacy.

Last, but not least, some people have written to me within the last couple of days and left only a draft stamp, but no message.  I’ll need more than that to give a response.

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