Crocker Highlands in Oakland CA, 1918 - Photo Jottings

Crocker Highlands in Oakland CA, 1918

Welcome to a very early look at the upscale Crocker Highlands development, just east of Oakland, California.  High Society folks living here now describe the development as ‘a neighborhood that overflows with an abundance of character and charm, and exhibits a genteel ambiance of an old Hollywood movie set.’  Crocker Highlands offers elegant examples of Tudor, Spanish, Arts and Crafts, Beaux Arts, and Art Deco period homes.

Zeroing in on the actual location is a bit tricky.  I see a sign on the hill in the background that says Crocker Highlands, and the Negative is marked as such, but maybe the houses in the foreground are not in that development.  The streets in the foreground could be Lakeshore Highlands located just to the west of Crocker Highlands.  There is a street sign visible at the corner; it’s not really legible, but looks as though it contains two words ending with an ‘Ave’ ‘Way’ or ‘Pl’ etc.

Check out the guy taking a smoke break in the left center just above the pile of lumber.  Farther down the main drag I see a horse and buggy, and a streetcar below the Crocker Highlands sign.

This 1918 look at the early development and construction around Oakland California was captured on a 6½”x8½” dry plate glass negative.  I purchased this item on ebay.

Extra points for anyone that nails the location; the maps below may help.  Click images for larger versions.

Update: the street and intersection in the foreground is Walavista Ave, and Lakeshore Ave.  Walavista continues up the winding hill with streetcar tracks.  The view is to the southeast.   As you might imagine, most of these expensive homes have survived intact.

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