August 26 2010 - Photo Jottings

August 26 2010


Sony unloads a few new cameras to the market, all amateur models, but they’re still interesting. I’m late in getting the news out, but better late than never right!  Below are images of the A33/55, (shot with a P45 digital back by unknown person).  These cameras incorporate a pretty neat fixed translucent mirror, and therefore need to use an electronic viewfinder, supposedly a good one.  Both have HD video, but will use the standard Sony/Minolta lenses with SAM and slot-screw drive focusing system, which will lead to focusing noise in your video, unlike the NEX lenses with super quiet focusing.  Thankfully, a mic port is available to help mitigate this issue.

Good points are;  Uses same battery as the NEX cameras.  Small.  More accurate focusing than NEX cameras.  Has hot-shoe so you can use regular flash units.  Fully articulating screen.  Street sweeper panorama mode, (I actually tried this on the NEX-5 on several occasions, and found it to be useful).
Questionable tidbits; not really small and pocketable as the NEX system.  Sensor on A33 is identical to the NEX sensor, but A55 has new 16mp sensor, although 2mp will not provide a noticeable jump in resolution.
This camera seems like something I’d like to use and do a review on, unfortunately, I probably won’t.  By the time I get one, all the reviews will be out, and no one will care if I come out with my own or not.
I should have the NEX 16mm review ready by Thursday or Friday, so check back.
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