August 22 2010 - Photo Jottings

August 22 2010


I’m still adding to the NEX camera review.  Many reviews of the NEX system seem to

point to a slight over-exposure issue using auto mode.  I’ve been using mostly program mode and haven’t had any issues at all with over-exposure, although I haven’t noticed any real problems using auto mode either.  In auto mode, the camera seems to keep the shutter speeds down to a reasonable hand holdable level, and consequently, the ISO down, so the overall ease of use with excellent image quality isn’t compromised.
I have noticed a problem with auto-focus using the 18-55mm lens, (it may also concern the 16mm) sometimes it blows the focus completely, and not just a front/back focus miss, the whole image is badly out of focus. I’d estimate a ten percent miss rate, which is pretty high.  I was using program mode with focusing set to multi-area. The work-around is to check your shots, the screen is plenty good enough to determine if the image is in proper focus. You shouldn’t have to do this, but maybe it can be corrected with a firmware update.  The NEX cameras use only contrast detection to focus, that’s not the most accurate way, so hopefully phase detection can be integrated in the second generation models sometime in the near future to make them comparable to DSLRs.
Things I’d like to see changed or added are; a dedicated button for exposure compensation. The control wheel is a little too loose and subsequently changes the exposure compensation with the slightest touch and spin. Even worse, in Aperture or shutter priority mode, you may inadvertently be shooting at F/32, or using a totally inappropriate shutter speed if you’re not careful and accidentally turn the control wheel.  I’d recommend buttons for those items. I’d also like to see a regular hot-shoe for a full sized flash unit.  The included tiny flash is ok for very short distances, but there is no way to bounce light, and not enough power to shoot through a diffuser.
I’m still working on the NEX 16mm F/2.8 review, and should have it ready sometime this week.
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