April 9 2011 - Photo Jottings

April 9 2011


Ever wonder what the real-use difference is between RAW and jpeg on the Sony A580?  Check out the crops below.  The large image below is a crop from a set-up shot of a newly remodeled kitchen.  Although I didn’t use this particular image, I did notice the differences in files when doing some PP.  I normally shoot cRAW for everyday jobs, and full RAW for more important stuff.  The A580 has no cRAW like the A700 and A900, so I decided to shoot RAW+jpeg because I  haven’t messed much with the A580 RAW conversions, and didn’t want to have any surprises in post processing etc.

The A580 creates a fine jpeg along with a RAW image, and I was surprised at the smearing in the fine image.  The Sony A580 is very capable for interior photography, (and all photography for that matter), but I wouldn’t advise using jpeg, there’s too much luminance smearing, Sony should allow this to be adjusted, hopefully in a firmware update.

You can clearly see the jpeg is wiping out the cabinet wood grain completely, and the back splash tile has no detail either. Specs for the shot; F/7.1, ISO 200, 1/5sec, 20mm (30mm equiv).  No sharpening has been applied. 

Crop from full image with Sony A580
Crop from center right, A580 fine jpeg
Crop from center right, A580 RAW, then converted to jpeg.
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