April 5 2011 - Photo Jottings

April 5 2011


Check out the deals for the NEX 3-5. These little cameras have DSLR image quality, but will fit in a jacket pocket or jeans pocket with the 16mm pancake lens. If you’re thinking about waiting for an updated version to come out, you may be in for a long wait.  Apparently Sony has suffered some serious facility/production losses due to the recent disaster, and in doesn’t look like any new products will be issues soon.

If you want a nice camera to carry around on vacation, don’t take your A900/850, they’re too big and heavy, take it from someone who’s made that mistake too many times, me!!  Look carefully at the NEX-3 with both 18-55mm and 16mm for about $699, or the NEX-5 for a little more money.  Basically, If you buy either additional lens you get $150 off the total purchase price. The deal doesn’t include the NEX 18-200mm lens, although for me, that lens is too darn big for the NEX system.  All purchases come with a free Lowepro case and 4gb card.  I’d go for the NEX-5 if you can swing it because it’s a little smaller and slips into a very small space.

I’ve put the February homepage stuff in the archives, including the Sony camera ISO comps which is also located in the “recent articles and reviews” column on the right. 

Check out the NEX deals
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