April 19 2011 - Photo Jottings

April 19 2011


Famous photo house flirts with disaster.

Since I enjoy photographing homes and architecture in general, and reading about great photographers, I thought I’d put together a little background information on one of the most famous house photographs ever taken, the Case Study house #22, (Stahl house).  What really made this house famous was Julius Shulman’s 1960 photograph, shown in B&W, inset.

Although the article is not yet finished, I thought I’d share this Google Earth image I came across while doing some research.  The larger image below shows the Hollywood hills Stahl house position in relation to the scary results of a typical California landslide, and how close they are; can you imagine if the ground under the Stahl house just gave way, and the whole thing tumbled down the steep hillside? What a loss that would be!
Ironically, Julius Shulman’s own Hollywood hills home suffered extensive damage from a landslide just a couple of miles from this location, before the Stahl house was built.  I guess when you build on top of one another like they do in California, eventually you’ll get wiped out, like the dude’s house in this picture.
Aerial view of Case study house #22, (Stahl house) made famous by Photographer Julius Shulman
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