April 14 2011 - Photo Jottings

April 14 2011


New ultra wide-angle lens from Sony coming soon?

Sony re-introduces the HVL-F43AM ($350) flash from a couple of months ago, not sure why though as the press release says it won’t be available until later this summer, at which time they’ll re-re-introduce it I guess.  What’s notable is the flash power levels are switchable in 22 increments, from modeling flash, 1/1 through to 1/128 level in 1/3 steps, it’s about time Sony!!  The current low 1/32 level is too much sometimes.  It also says it can detect white balance, and adjust, so can it detect when a gel is placed in front of the strobe?

Really interesting is the spec sheet for the new flash.  If you look carefully, (which apparently most people don’t) you’ll find the built-in diffuser will cover 15mm!  The last time Sony came out with a new full size flash it covered 16mm with the diffuser, and Sony didn’t have a 16mm lens at the time, but a couple months later the CZ 16-35mm appeared. So what do you think, a 15mm full frame prime, or maybe a 10-20mm APS-C lens like Sigma’s, which covers the equivalent of 15-30mm.  Anyhow, I just thought it was something to point out.
I see Sony has the hoods coming for the Sony 35/1.8 and 85/2.8, although they are both the same, and come with the lenses, so unless you lost your hood, this isn’t useful news.  The last item, and the only one that’s really new is the VCT-55LH bracket for mounting a light, or the new CLM-V55″ LCD, it’s a cold shoe mount, so it won’t carry any power, it just provides an additional place to stick something if your hotshoe is in use.

One last item; if you are looking to buy some camera stuff from B&H Photo very soon, make sure you order by 12pm this Sunday, otherwise you’ll be waiting for April 28th as a ship date. There are still hot deals on the NEX system.  Buying your goodies at B&H Photo allows me to review the latest camera gear.  Without your support, there won’t be any new reviews!!

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