April 12 2009 - Photo Jottings

April 12 2009



What if?  I’ve contemplated that for some time, and decided to whip up a review since I have basically the same thing in my lens arsenal.   Although telescopes and reflex lenses are designed differently, they both use mirrors to bounce light and pass it through the aperture.  If you’re wondering what this kind of “lens” would be capable of, check out the review here.  This review will cover daylight terrestrial use only, so we won’t worry about silly things like what the telescope was really designed for, such as viewing distant galaxies, planets and comets.
The capabilities of a 2800mm F/10 telescope or “lens” as I use here are incredible, but daylight photographic use requires the right atmospheric conditions, like no heat shimmer, haze or wind, things which you’re not so likely to encounter at night, high in the sky.  You’ll also be required to use manual mode (for shutter release) mirror lock up, and a corded remote. You’ll also be required to part with close to three grand, but I’ve saved you the trouble right?
I’ve made some comparisons to the Sony 500mm F/8 reflex lens, so if you want to waste 10 minutes, click the phony picture on the right.
I’m finishing up on the Sony 35mm F/1.4 review, which should be ready before next weekend. 
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