2012.30 - Photo Jottings


Stocking stuffers: memory card deals and lens reviews timeline.

Check out these fast memory card deals (in limited quantities) from Sony.  Get two 32gb cards for $59.95.   Two 16gb for $31.95, and two 8gb for $19.95.

I have some more lens reviews coming up.  The new Sony NEX lenses 10-18mm F/4 and yet to be released 35mm F/1.8 will probably happen in January—not sure though.  I also have four Panasonic micro 4/3 lenses for review, the 12-35mm F/2.8, 7-14mm F/4, 45mm F/2.8 macro and the 45-175mm F/4-5.6.  I love these tiny, but high performing lenses, you could (but why) pack all four lenses plus the camera in a medium sized waist pack meant for a FF DSLR and kit zoom!!  I’m not sure when I’ll be posting these reviews, but it won’t be before the holidays.
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