2012.21 - Photo Jottings


Making your NEX camera work with off brand lenses.   

A few people have written lately asking why their NEX camera won’t take pictures with the fabulous Rokinon 8mm F/2.8 fisheye lens that people are buying like hotcakes.  I mention this issue in the introduction for these types of lenses, so always remember to read the whole review before purchasing something, or sending a lens back!  Anyhow, here’s your solution to the problem; on most NEX cameras go to ‘menu‘ and select ‘setup‘, scroll down to where it says ‘Release W/O lens’ and select ‘Enable’.  This will allow you to use off-brand lenses that have no contacts on the base and do not communicate with the camera.  By default, the camera won’t let you release the shutter without a lens, it does this to protect the shutter mechanism from being damaged by curious people that remove the lens and mess with the camera or try to clean the sensor.  Use ‘cleaning mode’ to clean the sensor.

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