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Who is Tawny?

The great French writer Guy De Maupassant once said of a woman, “she fills you to the marrow with desire.”  That’s Tawny.  Maybe you’ve seen her walking down the street….sitting alone at the end of the bar….or maybe her eyes have met yours for a fleeting, tantalizing moment.  Maybe she’s even the girl next door….but whoever she is, you know that the sight of her is an emotional experience.

Guy may be a great writer, but those words are only part of the emotional experience.  Why don’t we fully immerse ourselves in the scene above and complete the mood by playing the album!

The subject for this sentimental journey through time is my great Uncle Al, who oddly, and maybe ironically, looked and acted a bit like Jackie Gleason, who produced the album he’s looking at.  The photo was surreptitiously snapped by my dad in the late 1950s, and turned into a 5×7 print, which I’ve scanned for our viewing pleasure.

My Uncle Al was one tough dude, and spent some time Island hopping in the Pacific Ocean during the mid forties if you know what I mean!!!  After the war here started a monument business, and worked at that for decades until the day he died.  It looks like cigarettes, some mixed drinks and Tawny are working their magic to take my uncle back to a more pleasant time, if only for a brief period.  Our location is a cabin on the shores of Mullet Lake in Michigan.

Hope you enjoyed this candid shot from a different time and place…….

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