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Grand Canyon Hiking Tour

Welcome to my long-awaited, and much anticipated hiking tour of the Grand Canyon, from the South Kaibab trail, down to the Colorado river and Phantom Ranch, then up the Bright Angel trail to the top.  This hike was done on the 16th of April, 2008.  The weather was perfect for hiking, 30s in the morning, then by the time you …

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Grand Canyon South Rim Tour

Let’s begin our tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim.  Not every building or point of interest is included as you can imagine.  This is not meant as a colorful photo display as it was not spring yet, so no flowers and greenery.  I was here from April 15-17th 2008, and one of those days was spent hiking to the…

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Picacho Peak Photo Tour 3/3/08

Let’s take a tour of Picacho Peak State Park.  This place is famous with history buffs for being the western most skirmish in the Civil War and the only one in the “Arizona territory.”  I’ve included a couple of links to larger pictures, the first one below, which is a scan of the guide they give you for paying $6…

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