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Sony A35 SLT Review

Sony A35 camera review

The Sony A35 camera is a very small and light-weight DSLR ‘type’ camera that uses a stationary (and silent) ‘translucent’ mirror instead of a traditional mirror that moves up and down, sometimes causing an annoying slapping sound.  Sony recently perfected translucent mirror technology, (first used decades ago), and caused quite a stir at introduction because of …

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Sony NEX-7 Review

Sony NEX-7 camera review

The Sony NEX-7 is a ground breaking camera featuring a whopping 24mp APS-C sensor, an extremely useful OLED viewfinder, a Sony proprietary hotshoe, a pop-up flash that can be bounced (although not designed for this), and of course all the other features that make the NEX system so attractive.

Sony’s newest NEX camera is a significant …

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