September 14 2006 - Photo Jottings

September 14 2006


 I thought the G’s were gone forever!  Canon introduced several cameras today, the most interesting is the new powershot G7.  After reading the press release, I’m not sure where this camera will fit, especially with the $600 price tag. The G6 produced some great images for a fixed lens camera, but it appears the G7 is similar to the A710 IS, only sporting a 10MP sensor, among a few other features.  Release is scheduled for October, so we’ll see if it’s worth the extra money.


  • 10.0MP
  • 35mm-210mm
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 80/1600 ISO with 3200 in scene mode
  • 2.5″ LCD 207,000 pixels
  • No RAW mode (say what?)
  • Hot shoe
  • SR lens coating reduces flair and ghosting
  • $599 in stores 10/06

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