Kodak Moments - Photo Jottings

Kodak Moments

Film image observations featuring Kodak Film taken by me or my dad.

Kodak Moment #13 A look at my cool three-wheel Batmobile X-15 from the 1960s!

Kodak Moment #12 Baby St Antoine, then and now comparison, first around 1960.

Kodak Moment #11 ROK ‘n’ roll soldier runs his truck off the road.

Kodak Moment #10 A Rupp Sno-Sport snowmobile from the 1960s.

Kodak Moment #9 Boulder Manor home by Earl Young using huge boulders!

Kodak Moment #8 ROK soldier calls home for Christmas in war torn Korea.

Kodak Moment #7 This is a cool snowmobile we used to have, called a ‘Raider.’

Kodak Moment #6 A winning custom car at a Detroit auto show around 1960.

Kodak Moment #5 A quirky home taken with a film camera and stitched together; and another one in Charlevoix MI.

Kodak Moment #4 Another interesting home in Charlevoix MI by Earl Young.

Kodak Moment #3 A cheap 1980s 110 camera in the exciting city of West Berlin.

Kodak Moment #2 A Kodachrome ‘Children of Chonan’ shot from Korea in1952/3.

Kodak Moment #1 Here we look at an interesting and pretty home in Charlevoix MI using some cheap color film.

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