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Firmware updates available for A77 and NEX-7.  NEW

The new firmware updates are ready if you have the Sony A77 or NEX-7.  Go here in the US for version 1.06 on the A77, and here for vs1.01 for the NEX-7.  Make sure you pick your appropriate operating system and product before you do the update!!  The links are for windows …

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Olympus 45mm F/1.8 review.   

The very tiny Olympus 45mm F/1.8 turned in a stellar performance.  Both landscapers and night stalkers (low-light hand-held shooters) will love this lens, it works great wide open in low light, and is critically sharp at F/4 over most of the image.  The lens is so small and light it’s almost like a toy, but that …

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Panasonic Leica DG SUMMILUX 25mm F/1.4 review.   

Check out a really nice lens for your micro 4/3 camera.  The Panasonic 25mm F/1.4 has a focal length of 25mm, but has the same basic coverage of a 50mm in 135 film format.  This lens is super sharp in the centers even at F/1.4, and has optical characteristics similar to the Sigma

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Making your NEX camera work with off brand lenses.   

A few people have written lately asking why their NEX camera won’t take pictures with the fabulous Rokinon 8mm F/2.8 fisheye lens that people are buying like hotcakes.  I mention this issue in the introduction for these types of lenses, so always remember to read the whole review before purchasing something, …

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Sony LA-EA2 NEX adapter review.   

I ported the Sony NEX LA-EA2 adapter review from photojottings and put it on this site, located in the lens review page, in the NEX section.  Don’t know why I posted it at PJ.

B&H Photo is offering a big discount with free shipping through most of September.

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New ‘Best low-light lenses’ page.   

I’ve posted a new page recommending what I think are the best low-light lenses for Sony cameras, NEX, APS-C and full frame SLT.  The choices were culled from this page; all the lenses I’ve reviewed so far, now about 96—not including adapters or teleconverters.

My lens selections in the best low-light page, (now on …

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Rokinon 8mm fisheye (for NEX) review.   

The Rokinon 8mm F/2.8 fisheye NEX lens performs superbly; there’s nothing negative to say about it other than sun flare is strong at times, but that may enhance your image depending on the feeling you want to present to the viewer.  This fisheye is very small, lightweight, has almost no color fringing, and is …

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