April 23 2008 - Photo Jottings

April 23 2008


The Sony 50mm F/2.8 macro lens review is ready for you to scrutinize.  This was an easy lens to check out, as it’s nearly flawless.  It’s sharp at F/2.8, and very sharp from F/4 up to F/8.  I think *the bokeh is not quite as smooth as the Sony 100mm macro, also tested here, but *that’s about the only area where it might be lagging behind the 100mm. They’re both very good for macro work, but If you’re only going to buy one macro lens, I’d make it the 50mm.  *After further research, I’ve come to the conclusion the 50mm macro bokeh is just as good as the 100mm macro.

Also coming up is a review of the Sony 55-200mm kit type lens, an inexpensive plastic mount zoom. We’ll see how sharp the long end is, traditionally a weak spot for Sony low-end zooms.  I’m also working on the other Grand Canyon pictures, the rim trail walk and hotel page, and another page on the hike down to the river and back. I hope to have them available next week. 



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