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Full Review of the Sony A 700

Check out the new Sony A 700.  This DSLR is an upgrade from the Sony A 100, and still an upgrade from the newer Sony A 200.  This is an advanced amateur model, but in my personal opinion, it’s more user friendly and produces higher quality results than the A 100.  It’s also much heavier and costs twice as much,…

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Full Review of the Sony A 900

This will be the normal running review of the Sony A900.  As I learn more about the camera, I’ll provide the information.  I should have a good jump on things by national boss day (gag), or by Wednesday or Thursday.


I used the A900 on the left, and the A700 on the right for the product comparison shots below.…

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Sony A900, A700 and A580 ISO Comparison

Anyone interested in looking at boring ISO crops?  well, there’s a lot of chatter in various Sony forums about the ISO performance of the new A580, so I thought I’d provide some side-by-side ISO comparisons of Sony’s flagship A900, the old and outdated A700, and last, but not least A580.  The A580 received rave reviews about its high ISO performance …

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Sony Translucent Mirror A33 and Sony A700 Comparison

If you’ve purchased one of Sony’s new translucent mirror cameras recently (as of Dec/2010), and have wondered about how it really compares to a traditional DSLR as far as image quality is concerned, and if there is such a thing as a “penalty” resulting from a mirror that doesn’t flip up and out of the way to fully expose the

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